Lowes Creek is a great trail system near our home.  I typically don't go running here by myself, but it was such a beautiful day, I just could not resist.  My husband gave me a disapproving, "Well, be careful." when I left.  I think he was more worried about me getting lost, which I tend to do on these trails.  But today, I did not get lost.  That is because I cut my run short after getting bitten by a dog!  I came around a corner and to a man walking two dogs.  The trails are narrow, it was hard to get far enough away.  Even though the dogs were on leashes, one jumped up and took a quick nip at my thigh.  Lucky for me, I had my key fob in that thigh pocket and it took most of the bite.  The dog did break the skin, and gave me a nice bruise though.  I talked with the owner and made sure the dog had all his shots.  I am going to take this as a small lesson about dogs and know that I need to be more careful.  Oh, and I probably will not trail run here alone, but I will still snowshoe these trails!  

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