My Sewing Room is a MESS.  Really.  So I decided to complete some unfinished projects in hope to clear some items out. I found that my husbands 40 t-shirts were taking up quite a bit of space.  I wanted a down and dirty and comfortable quilt that he would use.  I have made t-shirt quilts before with interfacing on every t-shirt, but that takes time and stiffens up the quilt a bit.  So I decided to wing it and make up the quilt pattern as I went.  First of all I took all 40 t-shirts and cut out the most important graphics, front and back.  Don't worry, I did not toss all the remaining pieces!  There are plenty left to make lots of pajama pants for the kiddos.  

For the backing I used 2 yards of fleece.  The tiki pattern is perfect for two reasons.  First, I knew he would like it.  Second, it does not have a lot of colors which means I could use a basic brown thread in my bobbin and it would blend nicely.  

Next comes arranging.  I laid out the t-shirts onto the wrong side of the fleece, overlapping the edges by about 3/8 inch.  Then comes pinning.  And boy did I pin.  Over 200 of them.

And finally came sewing.   To do this, I sewed all the horizontal seams with a 1/4" allowance first.  Then I turned the blanket and sewed all the vertical seams.  When sewing the vertical seams it was important to tug on the fleece a bit to make sure the fabrics were taught together and no gapping happened.  I would be lying if I said there are not any gaps or puckers in my quilt.  BUT again, this is a down and dirty quilt, not up of for an award at the state fair! 

Finished the quilt off with a traditional binding in quilters cotton. The best part, Hubby loves the quilt.  It is the perfect warmth, weight and softness for him.  
1/2/2013 09:47:08 am

That looks great! My husband has a bunch of old wrestling t-shirts that I want to make a quilt out of but wasn't sure how to start since they're all different sizes of designs. Great idea!


1/2/2013 09:12:19 pm

Thanks Charlie! Good luck and have fun making a quilt for him!

4/24/2013 01:39:06 am

This turned out so great! I've been turned off by a lot of t-shirt quilts before because they seemed like a lot of work, but your top-stiched simplified version makes it look so easy!

Have you washed the quilt or given it much use so far? I'm curious to know how the piecing has held up. So long as it holds up to washings well, I'm totally doing one this way!

4/24/2013 02:01:26 am

Thank you for your kind words Beth. Yes, I have washed this quilt many times. I made one for my husband and one for my one. They both love and use the quilts almost daily. It has held up very nicely. I have one in the works for my daughters, I just need a few more t-shirts. Good luck with yours and let me know how it turns out. Ann

5/17/2013 01:20:32 pm

Wow! I love this idea. I was asked by a coworker if I could make one for her. This looks great!

Alicia Marshall
6/9/2013 01:55:37 pm

This is genius

G. Craig
4/25/2014 04:29:10 am

Thank you so very much for the inspiration. I have a large collection, and now know what to do with them.

3/30/2015 08:59:54 am

I'm getting ready to make this for my son-in-laws birthday next month. Wish me luck. I have about two weeks to complete it. Thanks for sharing. I think I can!


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