Pillow Makeover stats: 2 down, 1 to go.  Introducing Pillow #2. 
Have you tried paper piecing?  Oh, you should.  Love it!  I used the same pattern as the star pin cushion only this time kept it the actual size.  This pillow front has been complete for about a month, or more.  It was one of those projects I was not looking forward to -- seam ripping the old pillow apart, zippers, stuffing it....yuck!  Guess what?  It took me about 15 min to take the old front off the pillow and replace it with this one!  Do you ever do that?  Put off something you think is worse than it really is? (everyone nods)  Oh, good. I am not only one.  
4/29/2013 11:06:21 pm

What a great paper pieced cushion. And yes, most of those jobs we think are going to be horrible are just a matter of knuckling down and getting to it - except for those jobs that involve sewer systems - for some reason they never turn out better than expected.

4/30/2013 03:38:15 am

love your star pillow! I have only started getting in to paper piecing, and while the process can be frustrating and tedious sometimes, the results are awesome! Always worth the fuss in the end. And yes, I totally put something off thinking it will be awful or time consuming, then finally do it and it's not nearly as bad as I thought! Quilt borders are like that for me.

4/30/2013 08:14:07 am

Your star pillow is beautiful! I am fairly new to paper piecing and this is one pattern that I would love to try.

4/30/2013 11:15:23 pm

The pillow is perfect. I really like the scrappy border. I like paper piecing but I am still very new at it. Sometimes I mess up the same part over and over! Haha.


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