The Road Trip preparation has begun!  What trip you ask?  Over the last couple summers our family of five has rented an motorhome for vacations across the United States.  This was our time to see if we liked RV life and if it worked for our family. Guess what?  IT DOES!  We LOVE it.  So last fall, we purchased our very own new-to-us RV and plan to hit the road for TWO months.  Yes, two months.  We leave one month from today, so the real planning has started!  Well, kind of.  The RV is in storage until next weekend.  So for the time being, I shall craft and blog!  And yes, I will be blogging along the way this summer so you may follow along!  (You may follow on Instagram too - username Anns_Photos)

A Map.  Of course you need a map on a road trip!  This one is for the kids.  I printed off this map at Mr. Printables.  Ran it though the Xyron machine with the laminate top and magnet back.  Cut it apart and called it done.  Until I realized that it probably will be too big to fit on the oven door in the RV -- the only place it will stick.  Bummer.  The plan is build the puzzle by putting up each state as we arrive.  Well, this year, we are ONLY covering about 17 states, so it will work -- for now. 

Where are we going?  You will have to wait and see!!!
Next up,  a project for Hailey.  She has been very concerned on how she is going to bring her earrings safely on the trip.  Mommy to the rescue!  And along came the earring wallet.  
We get so many questions about the trip.....
What do you eat?  At restaurants every day?
Where to you park the RV?
Don't you get sick of riding?
This is awesome, but don't you have to work?
Are you bringing your sewing machine?
Where are you going?
Then of course, there is always questions about the toilet and sewer!
I will answer these and many more in the coming days.   Let me know if you have other questions as well.  I would be happy to answer them.  And as we travel, I hope you will enlighten us on must see places along our route!
5/11/2013 03:50:50 am

Ann, enjoy the planning. We have an RV trip planned soon in the US - (or is it a Quilt Shop Hop :) ) At the moment my planning involves cutting out my hand stitching projects.

5/13/2013 02:45:45 pm

Are you kidding me? Two months! Wow! We just sold our trailer the kids got too old. If you go west, Mount Rushmore, Reptile Gardens,Bedrock City was cute. Yellowstone of course, 4 corners,Colorado has many indian ruins. Some of my very favorite places in California, Sequoia National Park, Lassen Volcanic National park. Utah has a ton of parks, loved Arches,and Bryce Canyon, but it will be very hot. Grand Canyon of course. Have fun!

5/10/2021 02:24:37 am

This was a lovely blog poost


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