Maybe it is the end of school or the preparing for a trip, but life is CRAZY busy around here.  The end of school.  Next year is a big year here -- all three kids will be in school full time.  Jenna will officially start kindergarten now that she has her preschool diploma.  It was such a precious graduation and she was so proud of herself.  Going though the system for the last time is so much more of a heartstring tugger.  We dearly love our preschool that one child or another has attended for the last 7+ years and will miss it so much.  Knowing that a great elementary school year is right around the corner helps out...but a fantastic summer trip, will get your mind off all things school immediately!

Speaking of the RV trip, we are at the 10 day mark.  10 days.  I am learning it is a lot of work to pack up your home, business and kids for 7 weeks!  A LOT of work, but it will all be worth it.  

The motorhome is out of storage and currently getting an oil change and "summerized."  I don't know the official word, but before winter they had to "winterize" it, so this just makes good sense to me!  (Winterize is where they put anti-freeze stuff in the water lines so they don't burst over the cold Wisconsin winter.)  She (I wonder if Stuart knows it is a girl?) will come back this week and the packing will begin.  

I said in the last post I would answer some questions about her.  (Oh, she needs a name!) So here it goes.....

What do you eat?  At restaurants every day?
We eat most of our meals in the RV.  Of course we eat out as well, but really save those times for when we cannot get back to the RV (like if we are out all day)  or when there is an amazing restaurant in the area.  So if we are close or in a town where you know there is an establishment we must try, please let us know.   I also love canning food.  So for this trip I have processed several cans of sloppy joes, taco meat, beef and beef stew.  We will also have some meals in bags in the freezer.  Next on the list for the freezer is Chicken Curry Pot Pie.  This is a favorite in our family -- except I leave out the parsley and make biscuits on the side rather than the puff pastry.  The fridge/freezer runs off LP gas, so it says on the entire time.

Where do you park the RV?  Depends on the night.  There are several stores (Walmart, Cabelas ect) that will allow overnight stays.  We do use these places if we just need a place to park and will move on right way the next day.  Otherwise, we will stay at various campgrounds and state parks along the way.   Again, share with us places that you just love!

Don't you get sick of riding?  So far, no.  I cannot say this won't change after 7 weeks on the road!  Stuart is the driver and I am the co-poilet.  Well, I did drive once for about 10 min!  The kids read, watch movies, play games ect while we are traveling.  Yes, we make them sit on the couch or at the table with seat belts, for the most part.   We have done a brief mapping of our trip and we need to average about 2 hours a day.  That is nothing in an RV.  

This is awesome, but don't you have to work?  Yes, we do.  Stuart and I are both self-employeed.    We will be working along the way.  We have many business stops to make and computers set up to allow us to work as we travel.  Stuart has a pretty neat and interesting gig, so we get to go lots of fun places!  Stay tuned.....

Are you bringing your sewing machine?  YES!  I would not leave home without one!  She is in the shop currently getting all prepped for the trip.  I will let you meet her when she returns! 

Where are you going?  A long way!  We have a very brief outline of our travels right now.  And we will update you along the way.  We will start out heading south for several days. 

Then of course, there is always questions about the toilet and sewer!   This is pretty easy for me.  It is Stuart's job!  He says emptying the tanks is not that big of a deal, so I am going with that!  We empty about every other day.  As for showers, you turn the hot water heater on about 5 min before your military style shower and you are good to go!  

Let me know if you have more questions.

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