Today I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, posted about her love for maps.  Oh, I can relate.  There are a couple in my home currently that I love.  

This one is in our family room.  The map is an old classroom pull down map.  This was an Ebay find and I love how it fits perfectly above the completely undecorated mantel.  Also in this photo (cause I know you are peeking) is, of course, a pile of quilts, a pillow, and seat cushions,  all made by yours truly.  The photos are of the kiddos a few years ago.  The kiddos are chomping on three huge lollipops!  
Next up is a fabric map.  I purchased this fabic map off Spoonflower.   For this map, I have a plan!  We love to road trip.  Our family has taken two major road trips by RV, one to Yellowstone and one throughout Michigan.  This summer we will venture on a two month road trip around the US!   I will be tracking our paths by embroidering them on this map and someday, will turn it into a quilt.  And yes, you may follow along on our journey this summer.  I will blog along the way.  Our route is still being defined and my search for the coolest quilt shops continues.  If you have a shop you love and think I will so, please let me know!
Yes, I love vintage suitcases.  And I love all the projects online with ways to create, restore and decorate with them.  This red suitcase was found at a local thrift shop as soon as I saw it I knew it would make the perfect baby storage/bed.  Since the front was faded from the sun and or time, Mod Podge and fabric was the perfect solution!  There are many tutorials online on how to recover one.  It really is simple and easy.  My only tip for you is to use a darker color fabric as the Mod Podge will show through.  Just trust me on this.  
After the outside was complete, I took out all of the old nasty insides and replaced it with fun colorful fabrics.  This was a combination of sewing and the hot glue gun.  Added a blanket and pillow for baby and called it completed. 

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