Yes, I love vintage suitcases.  And I love all the projects online with ways to create, restore and decorate with them.  This red suitcase was found at a local thrift shop as soon as I saw it I knew it would make the perfect baby storage/bed.  Since the front was faded from the sun and or time, Mod Podge and fabric was the perfect solution!  There are many tutorials online on how to recover one.  It really is simple and easy.  My only tip for you is to use a darker color fabric as the Mod Podge will show through.  Just trust me on this.  
After the outside was complete, I took out all of the old nasty insides and replaced it with fun colorful fabrics.  This was a combination of sewing and the hot glue gun.  Added a blanket and pillow for baby and called it completed. 
My son LOVES his PJs - A LOT.  It is hard from him to part with his old ones.  The ones that are no longer pants, but more like capris! To convince him to move on requires that I make new awesome ones! This usually does the trick.   

For the new pair, I used a skull fabric (picked out by his sister!) and a simple white t-shirt.  Scanned and enlarged one of the skulls from the fabric, uploaded it in the Silhouette software, and traced it.  The Silhouette cuts out my design right onto the fusible fabric.  WOW!  That whole process took about 10 min.  Next I ironed it onto the t-shirt and sewed around it with a fun "wobbly" stitch.  Paired it with pants out of the flannel and called it done.
My t-shirt just needed to leave my closet.  You know, the one you like, but just did not fit quite right.  In this case it was just too long.  To make me feel better about it I recycled it into pants for Jenna!  I traced another pair of her leggings to make the pattern.  The pants were a bit short, so I added a ruffle from one of the girls' old knit dresses that I was saving. Put ribbon on top of my ruffle, added a waistband and there you have it.  Jenna wanted a matching shirt, so I cut a heart out of the same dress knit and sewed it on.  Outfit complete.  Now, before you go thinking I am super woman, and that these pants are perfect...well, one pocket (on the bum) is about 1inch lower then the other one.  Opps!  

"Mommy this is my favorite outfit, just cause you made it."  Sweet words from a sweet little girl.

Meet Brownie.  I created her about 6 months ago for my 4-year-old daughter. Brownie is sooo loved.  What more could a sewing Mom ask for?  My other daughter decided she would like a bear as well, so along came Vanilla. I will let you take a guess on who is who!  And the names -- my girls kinda like baking and anything sweet. 

The bears were created using a sewing pattern and tutorial from Sarah at Dolls and Daydreams.  Sarah's patterns are amazing!  Her attention to detail makes her adorable creations enjoyable to create.  My girls are already swooning over Little Red Riding Hood!


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