So excited to create my very first pattern from scratch!  One of my loves is the math that goes into quilting.  I love the vision, math, trial and error that goes into creating a quilt and the pattern.  And without further ado, here is Woven Stars.....
Last spring I started a collection of purple, aqua and lime colored fabric for a quilt for my 9-year-old.  The fabric jackpot was hit at SR Harris.  This place is AMAZING!  If you are ever in the Minneapolis area, take the time to make a detour here.  The minky back, in the most awesome raspberry color, is from the Fashion District in LA.  No batting in this quilt makes it the perfect cuddle blanket, not to warm or heavy.   And no pattern either.  I simply used a 6" triangle ruler.  1 yard of the polka dot fabric and 1/4 yard of the remaining 14 different fabrics.  The finished size is approximately 50 by 60 inches. 

Unlike my last quilt, I really like this one.  An added bonus, my daughter likes does too!
It has been a long, long journey for this quilt.  It was the project that I took with on our 47 day RV trip this summer.  The fabric was cut before we left and I was hoping to have a completed quilt top when we turned.  Well, of course things did not quite work out that way!  I will spare you the details of pattern errors and such, but just know, I was determined to finish this one and not be defeated!  It would have been just too easy to set it in the pile of doom.  If this quilt in all it bits and pieces were to enter that pile, it would have been way to easy to leave it there for all eternity! 

So, I pushed though and finished.  Cut and cut again to correct errors....grrrr.  Bottom line, it is finished.  Actually, it has been finished for several weeks.  The quilt was put away in to a dark closet.  I am hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder...cause right now...I am not in love with this one.  There I said it.  I worked many hours on this and to me, it is just blah.  Kind of a bummer when you don't love the finished quilt, but it happens.  What do you think?  
About two years.  Yes, this WIP was started a mere two years ago.  And yes, I planned on it taking that long. 
For me, paper piecing this scrap quilt was easy mindless sewing, just what you need somedays.  I like having a long project like this just for those times.  There are so many scraps on this quilt -- which for me, are memories of all the projects created with the fabric. There are friends scraps in here as well, but only from times that we were sewing together.  Here she is in all her glory....okay, hanging on the wall might not be her most glorious spot!
  For quilting I did a simple straight line following white fabric. The back of the quilt is white minky 
and it is machine bound with a raspberry floral.

And just so you know 

even a quilt can get
photo bombed.  
Pillow Makeover stats: 2 down, 1 to go.  Introducing Pillow #2. 
Have you tried paper piecing?  Oh, you should.  Love it!  I used the same pattern as the star pin cushion only this time kept it the actual size.  This pillow front has been complete for about a month, or more.  It was one of those projects I was not looking forward to -- seam ripping the old pillow apart, zippers, stuffing it....yuck!  Guess what?  It took me about 15 min to take the old front off the pillow and replace it with this one!  Do you ever do that?  Put off something you think is worse than it really is? (everyone nods)  Oh, good. I am not only one.  
The pattern is created, the are pieces cut, and final blocks starting!  
This one deserves the time on the cutting table this week.
After finishing my hubby's down and dirty t-shirt quilt, up next was my son's quilt.   I used a collection of his old tees from sports camps, tees he made, and a few of the favorite ones he always wore.   He LOVES it.  What more could I ask for?
They are complete!  All three of them.  Quilts for Kids is an organization that donates quilts to children in the hospital.  Oh, the video is touching.   Don't take my word on this one, go watch it for yourself!   I created three colorful lap quilts using their suggested patterns.   Yes, they requested colorful, and I listened!  However, right now it seems there is a need for quilts for teenage boys -- hint, hint.  Here they are in all their glory, ready to help warm a child's heart: 
And here is my peanut helping me hold them up for the photo shoot!

Finishing a project is always so gratifying,  BUT completing a project that has been in the works for three years and is being given as a gift, is even more gratifying.  For my family Christmas we draw names.  I selected my sister-in-law Kelly.  I immediately thought of this quilt.  It would match their red couches and wood floors perfectly.  

The quilt top uses the pattern Simply-a-Bloom from the Moda website.  I did change the border width and chose not to add the flower appliques.  The fabric is a layer cake, named Simply Abundance, is by Bonnie & Camille.  For quilting, I chose a simple stippling. While quilting, I added the name of each member of the family.  It turned into a fun ispy game as they are pretty tricky to find!  The back is a chocolate brown minky fabric.  Oh, I love that stuff!  It makes the quilt so warm and comfy.  

The best part, I believe they appreciated and love the quilt -- always a bonus when you give a homemade gift!


My Sewing Room is a MESS.  Really.  So I decided to complete some unfinished projects in hope to clear some items out. I found that my husbands 40 t-shirts were taking up quite a bit of space.  I wanted a down and dirty and comfortable quilt that he would use.  I have made t-shirt quilts before with interfacing on every t-shirt, but that takes time and stiffens up the quilt a bit.  So I decided to wing it and make up the quilt pattern as I went.  First of all I took all 40 t-shirts and cut out the most important graphics, front and back.  Don't worry, I did not toss all the remaining pieces!  There are plenty left to make lots of pajama pants for the kiddos.  

For the backing I used 2 yards of fleece.  The tiki pattern is perfect for two reasons.  First, I knew he would like it.  Second, it does not have a lot of colors which means I could use a basic brown thread in my bobbin and it would blend nicely.  

Next comes arranging.  I laid out the t-shirts onto the wrong side of the fleece, overlapping the edges by about 3/8 inch.  Then comes pinning.  And boy did I pin.  Over 200 of them.

And finally came sewing.   To do this, I sewed all the horizontal seams with a 1/4" allowance first.  Then I turned the blanket and sewed all the vertical seams.  When sewing the vertical seams it was important to tug on the fleece a bit to make sure the fabrics were taught together and no gapping happened.  I would be lying if I said there are not any gaps or puckers in my quilt.  BUT again, this is a down and dirty quilt, not up of for an award at the state fair! 

Finished the quilt off with a traditional binding in quilters cotton. The best part, Hubby loves the quilt.  It is the perfect warmth, weight and softness for him.  

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