Usually I walk right by the cowboy fabric, usually.  My family took a two week RV trip to Yellowstone and the surrounding area.  During that time, I popped into any quilt shops we happened to stubble upon.  I began to see a theme -- Cowboys.  In memory of that RV trip and a fun scavenger hunt along the way, I managed to gather enough fabric for this Cowboy Quilt.  It seemed that a traditional patchwork was in order.  I backed it with a spotted horse minky fabric that I just love. The weight and the softness combined - perfection.  This is a household favorite.  
Knit hats are such a treasured item around here.  The kiddos LOVE them, which makes them even more of a joy to make.  This hat was created using 1 skein of Lion Brand Super Bulky yarn in the color Fort Worth Blue with a size 10.5/6.5mm circular needle.  CO 58 Stitches, Rib for 4 rows.  This fits my 8-year-old and me too!  
The pile of my husbands retired t-shirts in my sewing room was beginning to take up a bit too much space.  There were 40 t-shirts.  FOURTY!  So they went to the chopping block.  I cut them into various sizes and played a quick Tetris game to line them up on a fleece backing.  And tacked them down with pins, pins and more pins.  About 200.  Right now I love it.  I love that it is not symmetrical or perfect, yet comfy.  Wish this one luck as it goes under the needle! 
Quick tip of the day. Pizza cutters are not just for pizza anymore.
Meet Brownie.  I created her about 6 months ago for my 4-year-old daughter. Brownie is sooo loved.  What more could a sewing Mom ask for?  My other daughter decided she would like a bear as well, so along came Vanilla. I will let you take a guess on who is who!  And the names -- my girls kinda like baking and anything sweet. 

The bears were created using a sewing pattern and tutorial from Sarah at Dolls and Daydreams.  Sarah's patterns are amazing!  Her attention to detail makes her adorable creations enjoyable to create.  My girls are already swooning over Little Red Riding Hood!

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    Welcome to Carrying Sunshine.  My name is Ann and I will be your host.  Together we shall venture into the crafty world, toss on our shoes for a run, and maybe travel the globe.  Don't be shy, introduce yourself.  I would love to meet you!

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