It has been a long, long journey for this quilt.  It was the project that I took with on our 47 day RV trip this summer.  The fabric was cut before we left and I was hoping to have a completed quilt top when we turned.  Well, of course things did not quite work out that way!  I will spare you the details of pattern errors and such, but just know, I was determined to finish this one and not be defeated!  It would have been just too easy to set it in the pile of doom.  If this quilt in all it bits and pieces were to enter that pile, it would have been way to easy to leave it there for all eternity! 

So, I pushed though and finished.  Cut and cut again to correct errors....grrrr.  Bottom line, it is finished.  Actually, it has been finished for several weeks.  The quilt was put away in to a dark closet.  I am hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder...cause right now...I am not in love with this one.  There I said it.  I worked many hours on this and to me, it is just blah.  Kind of a bummer when you don't love the finished quilt, but it happens.  What do you think?  
Creative, healthy and quick all in one.  Here are some Halloween snacks to inspire you.  The shopping list is below!
Shopping list
1 cucumber
1 bag of carrots
1 can of black olives
2 orange papers
1 bag of snap peas
1 can of veggie dip
where I went?  I left you at day 13 of our RV trip.  That trip it lasted 47 days!  I gave up on blogging this time around because Wifi became hard to get and sorry, but posting was taking over my vacation!  Maybe someday I will give you a recap of the remaining 34 days or let you follow along next year as we tackle the east coast.  

With that being said, I am back!  I have some great projects I have been working on and will post about them soon.   Thanks for sticking around!  

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