Pillow Makeover stats: 2 down, 1 to go.  Introducing Pillow #2. 
Have you tried paper piecing?  Oh, you should.  Love it!  I used the same pattern as the star pin cushion only this time kept it the actual size.  This pillow front has been complete for about a month, or more.  It was one of those projects I was not looking forward to -- seam ripping the old pillow apart, zippers, stuffing it....yuck!  Guess what?  It took me about 15 min to take the old front off the pillow and replace it with this one!  Do you ever do that?  Put off something you think is worse than it really is? (everyone nods)  Oh, good. I am not only one.  
For me, this is a great way to start a Saturday morning. Sitting here with a cup of joe and a fancy new book, Sunday Morning Quilts. Did I mention the rest of the family is still sleeping? Huge smile. I am also pondering over my new quilt in progress. I am calling it Scrappy Chevron. It is a paper piecing design I created. Yes, chevron and scraps. They are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. Enjoy your Saturday!
Big and Little Uptown Jacket Pattern Review. www.carryingsunshine.com
Make It Perfect has created an adorable spring jacket.  The pattern comes in two versions, Little (0-5 years) and Big (6-10 years).  Overall this pattern was easy to follow with great instructions and sizing.  The jackets turned out fantastic!  

The three jackets....

Purple Dots.  This is the first jacket I created was in size 5 from the Little Uptown Girl Pattern.  The fabric used was a quilting cotton for both layers.  This seemed a bit thin for our weather so I added a layer of flannel to the middle.  This created the perfect weight for the jacket.  LOVE IT.  If you choose to add the flannel, make sure to prewash all layers, since flannel tends to shrink more than quilters cotton.  The size fits my 5-year-old perfectly.  I used a fabric covered button and button hole, suggested in the pattern.  Although it looks cute, I think the button might be a bit tough for my daughter to fasten since it is so large.  

Orange and Blue Dot:  The Orange jacket is a size 10, while the Blue jacket is a size 8.  Although they are not for my kids, they tried them on for size for me.  Yes, my son was a trooper and tried on the Orange jacket!  For both jackets, the outer fabric is a thin corduroy and the inside is once again, quilters cotton.  I love the weight of these jackets as well.  The pattern is designed to create a reversible jacket, but I changed the buttons to magnetic snaps, thus eliminating this feature.  If you choose to do this, add a fusible interfacing to the front panels then add snaps and buttons before sewing the lining and outer fabric together.  
Overall, I am very happy with the results and with the Make it Perfect pattern.   My only disappointment is the Little pattern is available is via download, while the Big pattern is not.   But now that I own both patterns, I am happy to make more!

UPDATE 5/2013:   The Big Uptown pattern is available for download as well.  YEAH!!!  
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With summer approaching, I needed a fun summer bag.  And get this -- it is for ME!!!
This bag as created using decor weight fabric in the chevon pattern for the outside.  The lining is PB&J Mae Basket from Moda.  The zipper.  I love the zipper pocket!  It was a great way to try the welt zipper pocket technique.  
A great tutorial, by ikatbag, for the zippered welt pocket is located here.  Tutorial for the bag is from Very Purple Person.
Chevron Bag @ www.carryingsunshine.com
Chevron bag @ www.carryingsunshine.com
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The power on sewing machine has been off.  I have been taking time to celebrate with my darling 9-year-old.  She is a true beauty inside and out, and I am a one lucky parent.  Happy Golden Birthday Hailey!
Grommet Curtain Tutorial www.carryingsunshine.com

Grommet Rings.  These were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.  They come in packs of 8 rights, so you will need one package per panel.

Fabric was also purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.


After sewing a 3 inch (or larger) hem in your curtains, accordion style fold your curtains 8 equal times.  One fold for each grommet.


Find the center of the panel and place a stick pin from the bottom to the top.  Next center the template (that comes with the grommets) on the pin.


Trace a circle onto your fabric using the template.


Remove your template from the pin.  Remove one layer of fabric from the pin and place your template back on the pin.  Be sure to only remove one layer of fabric.  This will give you 4 circles on the front of your fabric and 4 on the back. 


Cut each circle out carefully.


There are 16 grommets in the package, two for each hole.


Place the grommet half with the lip on it one one side of the fabric and carefully place the other half on top.  I found it best to use the palm of my hands and snap them together.  



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Our dining room was just drab.  No other way to put it.   And with a little spring fever brewing, I decided it needed a facelift.  Not a tearing down walls new furniture kind of redo, just paint and fabric....and a stencil and a rug!

Here is what was done:
-New paint and a Stencil
-Recovered fabric on chairs.
-New rug
-Made new curtains with fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  

What do you think?
The curtains were gratifying to make and the grommets turned out perfectly!  Tomorrow, I will show you the process.
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