Yes, I hopped on the Triple Zipper Pouch wagon!  This was a fun pouch to sew and very quick.  Even with the zippers.  Zippers get a bad wrap.  Really, they are not bad at all.  Don't let them scare you.  The fabric I used is a Denyse Schmidt (DS) Quilters collection from JoAnn.  It was actually one yard that had a combo of 4 fat quarter prints on it.  Fantastic! 

To keep the kiddos busy during their Spring Break, we printed off Mr Egg.   It printed on 6 sheets of paper and taped together to make one large poster.   Mr. Printables is a really great blog.  Go check it out.

Look at how hard these kiddos are working on their project.  TOGETHER and QUIETLY!    


Then I go and make the mistake of asking them to smile for the camera.  You can see which one is still sweet and listens to Mom!

Spring break started here in the land of snow and cold.  (Really Wisconsin, you can warm up now!)  My little monsters needed a project, so we created mini monsters.  The idea came from Microcrafts, a fun and creative book.  For the boxes, we used 'string tie' drawer box and cut it on the Silhouette.  The girls love their little baby monsters named Lucy and Milly.

Meet Mr. Turtle.  He arrived at our home yesterday.  What a cute little guy, uh?  He came all the way from Ohio from my Pin Cushion Swap partner, Liz of FernsFrocks.   Now, I would love to say that Mr. Turtle is  living in my sewing room, but he is not.  My daughter took one look at him and could not believe that I would  want to stab pins in his back!  Okay, I kind of understand where she is coming from.  She took him under her wing and saved him from my acupuncture treatments!  Either way, he is loved!  Thank you Liz for this adorable turtle -- and other goodies too!

Recently I was cleaning my sewing room (although it does not look like it anymore!) and came across these drawings:
My 8-year-old daughter, Hailey, gave the drawings to me before one of my craft weekends.  She wanted this drawing turned into a real bear.  Great!  I love a good challenge.  I did have to stretch myself a bit.  Balance is how my world works -- you know, a bear ear on the right should be the same as the left...nope, redo!  
I enjoyed making this drawing come to life, and Hailey loves it too.   
This pin cushion is on its way to Australia today!  I really hope it is loved in its new home.

For the makings....I used Six White Horses paper piecing pattern.  Since I needed a pin cushion version, I reduced the image to 20% before printing.   Finished it off with a fabric covered button and filled it with flax seed. 

Swap is hosted at Sweet Little Pretties   Thank you Lisa!

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