Today I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, posted about her love for maps.  Oh, I can relate.  There are a couple in my home currently that I love.  

This one is in our family room.  The map is an old classroom pull down map.  This was an Ebay find and I love how it fits perfectly above the completely undecorated mantel.  Also in this photo (cause I know you are peeking) is, of course, a pile of quilts, a pillow, and seat cushions,  all made by yours truly.  The photos are of the kiddos a few years ago.  The kiddos are chomping on three huge lollipops!  
Next up is a fabric map.  I purchased this fabic map off Spoonflower.   For this map, I have a plan!  We love to road trip.  Our family has taken two major road trips by RV, one to Yellowstone and one throughout Michigan.  This summer we will venture on a two month road trip around the US!   I will be tracking our paths by embroidering them on this map and someday, will turn it into a quilt.  And yes, you may follow along on our journey this summer.  I will blog along the way.  Our route is still being defined and my search for the coolest quilt shops continues.  If you have a shop you love and think I will so, please let me know!
The pattern is created, the are pieces cut, and final blocks starting!  
This one deserves the time on the cutting table this week.
5 years ago.  Maybe 6, but lets not count.  Instead, let us focus on the task being complete and the joy it will bring.  

My Grandma taught me how to crochet.  She was soooo patient as I created another and yet another triangle shaped blanket.   Keep in mind, I was about 8 when these lessons started!  Since triangle making was my best skill at the time, she dared not teach me how to actually read the pattern.  It may have caused me to run from crafting forever -- or not.  So to this day, I cannot read a crochet pattern.  This blanket was created without a pattern, so please don't ask for one!  A friend of mine taught me basics and I went from there.  The blanket was completed over several long road trips or quiet weeks at a cabin.  I will even admit that it was in our family room for several months with hundreds of strings hanging out all over!  No worries, the Super Bowl provided the prefect opportunity for me to sit and mindlessly weave in threads.   And now it is finished.

The blanket will reside in our bedroom.  Matches perfectly in our purple bedroom.  Grayish purple.  And just so you know, I really am not a fan of purple, but I do like my bedroom color.   Maybe purple is growing on me....


What was I thinking when I picked the yarn colors?  That is what your are thinking too, isn't it?  The answer -- I have no idea. None. They were not even in the clearance bin!

Maybe they work after all.  You tell me.  Do they?


This is one of my favorite spots in our home.  These woods are my view every morning when I wake.  LOVE IT.  

After finishing my hubby's down and dirty t-shirt quilt, up next was my son's quilt.   I used a collection of his old tees from sports camps, tees he made, and a few of the favorite ones he always wore.   He LOVES it.  What more could I ask for?
Wishing you the Happiest of Love Days!   

The above family photo was taken on a snowy day in Wisconsin by a wonderful friend of ours, Gretchen of Family Focus Photography.   If you are in the MN or WI area, I highly recommend her.  On our photo day Gretchen met us at my brother's house.   We were hoping the rain would stay away, and snow would come, and that is exactly what happened.  We had moments of no snow and moments of HUGE snowflakes and the weather stayed around 30 degrees.  PERFECT.  If you want to view some other photos from our shoot Gretchen has some on her Facebook page.  Thanks so much Gretchen!!

On to the kiddos school Valentines.  This year, I wondered though Pinterest, and thought and thought.  I even passed by the Valentines at the store, but just could not do it.  Instead, we went simple -- and used the amazing photos by Gretchen!

Hailey blowing you glitter kisses made for a perfect shot for a Valentine.  So sweet.  
For Jenna, we went simple and sweet -- and how could we not, with those beautiful blue eyes so full of love. 
Now Jackson, being a 4th grader, he was not having any of that love stuff and no full face photos of him.   So we played on a deck of cards and created our "Jack of Hearts."  
Hope your Valentine's Day is full of love.   
I collected and collected and collected.   The salvages looked pretty neat in my Mason jar upon the shelf until it was full and ready to be transformed into a bag.   I cut two fabric panels and ironed fusible interfacing to the back.  To the front, I started in one corner and sewed on one salvage at a time.  Overlapping the raw edge of the previous salvage and covering up the right side of the fabric, so use a fabric that you look at and wonder what you were thinking when you purchased it!

I added two pockets to the inside and a snap closure.  Where the bag is hanging in the photo is pretty much were it lives.  I like keeping my current project tucked in there.  I know, such a shame that such a bag does not leave the house very often!   It just draws to  much attention at the fabric stores and have to shoo people away.  (or maybe not) 

The desk -- was a makeover project.  One day I took a spray paint can to it, then some sandpaper and, well, there you have it.  I love it.  And it is so sturdy when sewing.   See the scrap quilt on the wall.  That is a work in progress.  Progress is slow -- about two years, maybe three.  I am okay with that for two reasons.  1.  I like looking at it hanging on my sewing room wall.  2.  It has scraps of so many projects I have made  -- and some from friends.  

They are complete!  All three of them.  Quilts for Kids is an organization that donates quilts to children in the hospital.  Oh, the video is touching.   Don't take my word on this one, go watch it for yourself!   I created three colorful lap quilts using their suggested patterns.   Yes, they requested colorful, and I listened!  However, right now it seems there is a need for quilts for teenage boys -- hint, hint.  Here they are in all their glory, ready to help warm a child's heart: 
And here is my peanut helping me hold them up for the photo shoot!

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