So excited to create my very first pattern from scratch!  One of my loves is the math that goes into quilting.  I love the vision, math, trial and error that goes into creating a quilt and the pattern.  And without further ado, here is Woven Stars.....
Last spring I started a collection of purple, aqua and lime colored fabric for a quilt for my 9-year-old.  The fabric jackpot was hit at SR Harris.  This place is AMAZING!  If you are ever in the Minneapolis area, take the time to make a detour here.  The minky back, in the most awesome raspberry color, is from the Fashion District in LA.  No batting in this quilt makes it the perfect cuddle blanket, not to warm or heavy.   And no pattern either.  I simply used a 6" triangle ruler.  1 yard of the polka dot fabric and 1/4 yard of the remaining 14 different fabrics.  The finished size is approximately 50 by 60 inches. 

Unlike my last quilt, I really like this one.  An added bonus, my daughter likes does too!
It has been a long, long journey for this quilt.  It was the project that I took with on our 47 day RV trip this summer.  The fabric was cut before we left and I was hoping to have a completed quilt top when we turned.  Well, of course things did not quite work out that way!  I will spare you the details of pattern errors and such, but just know, I was determined to finish this one and not be defeated!  It would have been just too easy to set it in the pile of doom.  If this quilt in all it bits and pieces were to enter that pile, it would have been way to easy to leave it there for all eternity! 

So, I pushed though and finished.  Cut and cut again to correct errors....grrrr.  Bottom line, it is finished.  Actually, it has been finished for several weeks.  The quilt was put away in to a dark closet.  I am hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder...cause right now...I am not in love with this one.  There I said it.  I worked many hours on this and to me, it is just blah.  Kind of a bummer when you don't love the finished quilt, but it happens.  What do you think?  
Creative, healthy and quick all in one.  Here are some Halloween snacks to inspire you.  The shopping list is below!
Shopping list
1 cucumber
1 bag of carrots
1 can of black olives
2 orange papers
1 bag of snap peas
1 can of veggie dip
where I went?  I left you at day 13 of our RV trip.  That trip it lasted 47 days!  I gave up on blogging this time around because Wifi became hard to get and sorry, but posting was taking over my vacation!  Maybe someday I will give you a recap of the remaining 34 days or let you follow along next year as we tackle the east coast.  

With that being said, I am back!  I have some great projects I have been working on and will post about them soon.   Thanks for sticking around!  
The kids were sleeping when we pulled into Yogi Bear Campground last night.  I love it when they wake up and one of the first things they ask is, "Where are we?"  This morning they did not ask.  Ummm...okay.  They were up before 6am, so I put on a movie, since I knew the pools did not open until 9am.  Finally, around 8:30 I told them to put their swimsuits on and get ready for pool day.  They were so excited when they finally looked out the window to see a big slides and a pool.  We spend the whole day at the park (getting a late 6pm checkout) in the pools and play areas.   This campground is fantastic.  Clean, plenty of activities and   the staff was amazing.  They even helped out when our pop-out would not slide back in.   (The repair list is getting longer!)  

After a full day, it was time again to hit the road.   We had a short 2 hour drive to Austin, TX.  
After a big day in New Orleans, a travel day was just what this family needed.  And it was a big travel day as we put in 418 miles.  When you travel over 400 miles in one day, it is necessary to stop along the way.  We stopped in Avery Island, LA to tour the McIlhenny Tabasco Factory.  It was a great tour and the kids were so excited to each get 4 tiny bottles of sauce as free samples.  They were cute bottles and they were so excited to taste test them.  (We did let them taste them at dinner time and well, I wish I would of had my camera out! )  As for the tour, since we were there on a Saturday, the factory was not operating.  It was still neat to see the machines, learn about the peppers and the island.  
Our route took us just outside of Houston so we selected Yogi Bear Campground.  Part of traveling with children is finding the perfect activity level.  Yesterday was a fun day in New Orleans and today was a big travel day, so we know that tomorrow needs to be an active day again.  This is why we chose Yogi Bear Campground in Waller TX which we arrived at late into the evening when the kiddos were sleeping. 
I have to be totally honest with you.  I did not want to stop in New Orleans.  Stuart insisted and he won.  My knowledge of New Orleans lead me to think it was not a very desirable city, especially in an RV with three kids!  We solved the RV problem with finding the KOA in River Ridge that offered a free shuttle to the French Quarter at 9am and 5:45pm.  Perfect.  The RV does not have to move.  We still were bringing three kids and were warned many times to stay off Bourbon Street.  Got it!

We boarded the shuttle right on time and off for a 30 min ride into the French Quarter.  It was a nice ride in as the driver gave us a tour as we rode.  I was already awe struck at the homes and buildings.  Amazing buildings.  Okay, so maybe this won't be so bad.  

So what are we going to do all day?  First off we needed to follow tradition and have a beignet.  We selected Cafe Beignet since they are rated the best Beignets in New Orleans.  The kiddos enjoyed them and cleaned their plates! 

After Cafe Beignet, we discovered we were really close to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.  It had rave reviews on Trip Advisor and they kids were eager to go, so off we went.  Bugs, bugs and more bugs.  It was awesome.  Really.  I have to say this is the most well done zoo (if we shall call it that) that I have ever been in.  There were so many cool bugs, one after another.  So educational and so well done.  And all in locked containers, I like bugs that way!
The Insectarium also offered snacks!  And cooking classes, but unfortunately no classes were offered while we were visiting.  They did however have lots of snacks to offer us!  
And cookies too!  Here is my Chocolate Chirp Cookie.  But I could not eat it, there was no way.  Jackson enjoyed two instead.
Next up we took some time to walk around the French Quarter and to tour the Jean LaFitte National Park where Jackson worked on another Jr. Ranger badge.  He loves collecting these badges and I love that he works hard on the questions and takes each oath proudly!  His previous badge was earned in Springfield IL.   We finished the day off with a stroll to the French Market and a few shops.   New Orleans I have changed my  mind about you.  You are a very neat town.  
This candy bar sums up day 10.  Many people that I talk to in real life asked, "Are you crazy?  Going on a trip with your family for 7 weeks? In an RV!?"  Yes, I knew going into this there would be crazy days...and day 10 was the first one of them. 
The morning started out fantastic.  We took a walk to the nature center at our campground (Gulf State Park Campground) and saw some really neat animals in the area.  By early morning it was hot and humid, so a beach day was in order.  We spent about 3 hours on the beach and the kiddos had a blast.  Then came the clouds and the downpour.  

This is when we were thrilled to have the motorhome right there to hop in and get showered off right away.  Then it was back on the highway for about 200 miles as we headed for New Orleans, LA.  This seemed like a simple task until we hit some rain.  And some more rain and some more rain and a funnel cloud in the distance.  I turn into Nervous Nelly when riding in an RV in storms.  And have I ever mentioned that my passenger brake petal does not work?  No matter how hard I push my foot into the floor.....  We did arrive safe and sound at our campground.  I am learning my limits and my husband is learning them too!  See this is good for a marriage :)

We stayed at the KOA in New Orleans.   Off for a much needed evening of R&R.  

On day 9 we traveled 361 miles from Atlanta GA to Gulf Shores AL.  It was a nice relaxing drive and a good chance for us all to unwind after an enjoyable visit with family.  We did stop today to pick blueberries and peaches, but only ended up picking blueberries. In order to pick peaches, we had to pick a bushel -- and we did not need a bushel of peaches!  It was more for the novelty of it since we have never picked peaches before.  We walked away with a couple pounds of blueberries and some peach ice cream.  That seemed like a good compromise! 

That evening before heading to the Gulf State Park Campground, we had the opportunity to visit with some friends.  Overall it was another great day on the road.

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